Yoga at the Reach

So, yoga. You’ve heard about it from friends, you’ve seen crazy pictures on the internet…..but you’re still not 100% sure what it is? Is it gymnastics? Simply stretching under another guise? Or is it some kind of chanting-based cult religion you may ask?

Yoga, in fact, is very simple. There are many different types, traditions, classes and teaching styles out there but the basis of yoga has a firm grounding in ancient philosophy. Yoga is the connection of mind and body by linking movement with breath with the aim of stilling the fluctuations of the mind. Enlightenment is the goal but striving is not the process….patience, compassion and kindness (to yourself and others) is the road to success in this arena.

So it is a mindful movement, a moving meditation if you like. The postures, or asanas, are not the whole picture.

Getting to the point….whether yoga is a completely new discovery for you, or you are already comfortable with headstands and Ujjayi breath, Yoga at the Reach is a diamond in the rough.

Nicola Harpin founded YATR and the doors to the airy studio on the convenient Ecclesall Road opened in April 2014. Nicola had been dreaming of a dedicated yoga space, a space where teachers and students alike could come to share their yoga practice and enthusiasm. The studio boasts an extremely high quality teaching team with a variety of styles of yoga available; from led Ashtanga classes, Mysore, Hatha and Vinyasa flow, to Nicola’s specialty of pregnancy yoga, new mum’s yoga and baby yoga. They are even starting special men’s classes ☺

The studio is teeming with experience from the teachers and this shows in their ability to support, nurture and assist their students to get the best from their personal yoga practice. But experience is by no means a requirement for students! YATR aims to offer a yoga space that is inclusive to everyone, regardless of ability, age or anything!

Also keep a vigilant eye on their social media channels for fun events such as handstand workshops, yoga in the park and yoga and curry nights!

So if you think yoga could be for you, or if you already love it and want a warm welcome and expert support for your practice, Yoga at the Reach is calling your name. ☺


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