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Traditionally the bike industry hasn’t been the most eco friendly, with bikes and parts imported from far-flung places, unpleasant chemicals used all over the workshop and of course let’s not forget ALLLLL the packaging.

But let’s say goodbye to the old and welcome the new…Woodside Bikeworks, the region’s, maybe even the country’s first and only eco friendly cycle workshop. Owner and chief mechanic Dave Mellor exclusively uses biodegradable, non-petrochemical oils and cleaners, whilst recycling everything possible, including worn out bike parts, and of course he’s a strong advocate for cycling as a low carbon mode of transport.

Opening a bike shop was something Dave evolved into – even though it felt like a pipe dream whilst working in his attic, he’s now opened a shop he can call home and welcomes you all to come down for a brew. His straight talking Yorkshire attitude is refreshing these days, he’ll only sell products he’d be happy spending his own hard earned pennies on and any advice is totally impartial – if the next big thing is actually rubbish, he’ll tell you!

But let’s take it back to the beginning, the story began back when Dave was a young lad growing up in an area up the hill from Kelham historically known as Woodside (hence the name!).  Always tinkering & fixing skateboards, snowboards and of course bikes, he had an inquisitive nature from the beginning and an attitude of if it’s broke let’s fix it, which has served him well through his adult life. Having held most jobs in the bike industry, Dave more recently found himself working as a bike mechanic on the Downhill World Cup circuit for Propain Factory Racing. Then friends began asking him to fix theirs, then their friends came and so on… before long he realised he was going to need to move out of the attic and into a workshop and that was the beginning of Woodside Bikeworks.

As keen cyclist ourselves it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘newer, lighter, faster, betterer’ but Dave’s attitude has always been about the adventure and experience you can have on a bike, they can take you places you can’t get any other way and hopefully enjoy yourself on route.

Woodside Bikeworks also run a series of Maintenance Courses for both complete beginners and more experienced home mechanics; look them up on Facebook for upcoming dates. He also runs regular social rides, riding a different local trail every time and anyone’s welcome to join in. For those of us who put the miles in on their bikes and legs, you might be interested in joining their Chaingang, a subscription ‘club’ which gives you regular services, discounts and unlimited minor repairs starting at just a small monthly fee of £12 and with your Independent Sheffield membership card you can nab yourself 10% off all workshop services, plus 3 for 2 on eco bike care products.


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