Urban Social

In a world of gastronomic pretence it is refreshing every now and then to stumble upon an establishment where quality succeeds quantity. Welcome to Urban Social, a burger and beer joint where choices are made simple.

We met up with Stuart, the owner who has served his time in the food industry, having filling pretty much every role possible. This experience has taken him to the like of Harrods and the Dorchester Hotel in London.  But when he returned to Sheffield 10 years ago he started his very own cafe called Roast at 46 Howard Street.


But lets get back to business! Urban Social is situated in Kelham Island; where urban renewal meets industry and trendy sits side by side with tradition. This mix of two worlds is captured in the décor at Urban Social; stripped back to basics with steel, bricks and piping on show to the outside world.

Another juxtaposition is the layout; tables are spaced to allow for intimate dates and rendezvous’ yet sharing is actively encouraged where possible. This is something quite foreign to us Brits but something that we really like and that can add to your evening’s entertainment.


So with the scene set let’s get down to why we are here; BURGERS & BEER! The choice is simple; beef, chicken or vegetarian. You can add a whole array of extras to your burger; mushrooms, bacon, cheddar and goats cheese, blue cheese, you get the picture! Now what sides would like with your burger? The slaw is delicious, the onion strings are the best we’ve had and the rosemary and salted fries are a touch of genius. The produce is all hand selected, locally sourced which again reinforces the quality over quantity president.

Now we need a beer to wash this down! Urban Social have a wide selection of British craft beers to tempt you but we thought we’d keep it local and opted for the Sheffield Pilsner, which in all honesty is a hard to beat!


And now time for desert. Normally by this point in a burger joint we are stuffed and just want to role onto the sofa and lay comatose for a few hours. The burgers at Urban Social aren’t the biggest (although you can add extra pates if you desire) but this shouldn’t be seen as a negative as it means pudding is a viable option! Donuts, mellows and milkshakes; a small heart attack in a tidy, tasty and sumptuous package that is impossible to turn down. We have a weakness for milkshakes and the quantities of cream, ice cream and syrup that go into the milk bottle will push you over the edge and looking for that sofa!


So, from décor to donut and burger to beer at Urban Social has set itself apart from the rest showing that quality produce, products and service always trumps quantity.


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