Urban Choola

We love eating out and one of our favourite meals is the much-loved “curry”. Although curry is a word that we English have coined, meaning pretty much any food from India that is served in sauce, the word curry doesn’t really exist in authentic Indian cuisine.

It is no secret the humble Tikka Massala is our countries national dish so we join our fellow citizens of Sheffield in search for that perfect curry and stumble upon much more than that in the process.


There are many Indian restaurants around Sheffield and most serve very standard dishes that taste great and can be washed down with a pint of lager. But what if you are looking for something slightly different, something a little more authentic; a taste of the real India. Urban Choola is your answer! This small vibrant restaurant has been open since 2013 and serves Indian street food from head chef Rohan Karkhanis’ hometown of Mumbai.  Karkhanis explains that, like most countries, the food in India changes from province to province and even village to village. What he provides at Urban Choola is the authentic Mumbai street food experience but without the hustle and bustle.

From talking to Karkhanis it is obvious that this style of Indian cuisine is a hit in the southwest corner of Sheffield and to me it is clear to see why. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and help to create a buzz around the place, always with smile on their face. Since the grand opening we have been multiple times and have never been disappointed. The ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, with no excess grease or oil like with some Indian restaurants, and the tastes, well they will tantalise anybody’s taste buds. A few recommendations; Gol Guppa is about authentic as it gets and not only tastes great but is fun, as you have to fill your own crispy puri (unleavened deep-fried Indian bread) with chick pea dal and dressings all washed down with tamarind water. Another one of our favourites is Prawn Karare; lightly fried king prawns with carom seeds and herb chutney.


As for the mains we absolutely love the Thalis. This is how many Indians eat at home; a large platter that combines many smaller dishes to give a variety of tastes and textures. You can choose your own curry as the staple part of the platter and this, combined with different dals, salads, rice and naan, makes for a delicious and daring way to get a taste for authentic Indian cuisine. Who knew the true taste of India could be found on the cobbled streets of Sheffield?




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