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Most of the time, the fear to change our habits can only be overcome when it is forced upon us. Some life-altering events force us to change our status quo, for us at Independent Sheffield, discovering Upshot Espresso was one such event.

Photo courtesy of Tim Brown

Photo courtesy of Tim Brown

Having relied on coffee as a supply of daily sustenance for many years, we rarely stop to ask ourselves whether what we are drinking is the best it could be. When the father and son team of Upshot Espresso asked themselves this question they answered “no” and so their quest began. They set out to evaluate, learn, educate and evolve as coffee lovers bringing their passion to the good people of Sheffield. Within minutes of meeting the upshot boys, it was plain to see that they love what they do, just check out their tattoos if you don’t believe us! But with the combination of science, great coffee and sharing our mantra for sustainable living, we feel the team is onto a winner.

Photo courtesy of Tim Brown

Photo courtesy of Tim Brown

Sam’s support for independent producers/growers/businesses is second to none and we all could learn a little from them. Only ever using Direct trade coffee, Upshot are doing their bit to strengthen environmental sustainability & community development. If you would like to find out more about Direct Trade here is an interesting article comparing Direct Trade vs Fair Trade. Despite the name, Upshot Espresso also serve some delicious food and there isn’t a microwaved meal in sight. They ensure everything they serve is fresh, from local vegetables to freshly baked brownies and tray bakes. Upshot serve nothing but top notch food all with an honest smile on their face. But be sure not to miss their specials chalked on the board, as they may throw a proverbial spanner in the works regarding your decision.


Photo courtesy of Tim Brown

Science and precision go into every shot of espresso. Beginning with weighing the beans, each espresso is made using a bean-specific weight, time and temperature. Such scientific precision is surely more suited to the laboratories found in the Hallamshire Hospital opposite. But we’re not going to go into the whole process as we couldn’t do it justice. Instead, you’ll just have to pop in and try it for yourself, one of the friendly staff behind the counter will be sure to tell you a story that might just change your status quo.

Photo courtesy of Tim Brown

Photo courtesy of Tim Brown


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