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There are many things in life that make us feel good; fluffy bunnies, sunshine, rich, sumptuous food, helping others, coffee, watching a great movie, reading a good book, the list goes on, and on, and on.

I am going to pick two of the above and tell you how the guys at Twin Café can provide you with that feel good feeling each and every Friday.

Latte art

The story starts 30 years ago when a group of striking Yorkshire miners pledged their city’s solidarity with Nicaragua’s tragically doomed Sandinista revolutionaries in Esteli; this initial pledge lead to the two cities becoming twinned in 1984.

Many years’ later childhood friends Tom and Sam are finishing at Sheffield University and want to do something different; they want to make a difference in the world. The two friends had the chance to visit Esteli and it dawned on them that with the growing love and appreciation for coffee in Sheffield twinned with the incredible beans grown in Nicaragua there might be a business idea in there, now how could they use that to help people?!

Beans and cup

And so Twin Café was born! Using Fair Trade coffee grown by a small farmers cooperative in the mountains surrounding Esteli and roasted right here in Sheffield they supply great coffee to you, the people, every Friday at number 18 Union Street. The profits are currently used to fund youth projects in both cities, but the guys would eventually like to set up their own projects to help vulnerable people in both communities.

The café itself is a hotchpotch of ideas and they serve an eclectic mix of customers from social entrepreneurs to lunchtime Spanish classes and anyone who is just looking for a tasty cup of the coffee. Fancy something sweet with that coffee, look no further than a Boxed Brownie made by Hayley and Clive, and expertly served by Twin Café staff.

3 tonnes of coffee

So if you want to experience somewhere slightly different for your morning, lunch or afternoon coffee then check out Twin Café on a Friday 9-4 at 18 Union Street. Not only will you get a great cup of coffee but you’ll leave feeling great knowing that your pounds and pennies are going towards helping others both close- and far from home!

If you love the guys coffee so much and can’t wait till Friday then you can pick up bags of the stuff from their website or from other great independents (Mr. Pickles, New Roots, Beanies, Beeches of Walkley or Just Natural) around the city.


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