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The Wick at Both Ends

To many the mere whisper of the word absinthe will have them scurrying for cover and we were no exception! After a rather unforgettable experience with absinthe in our early twenties we find ourselves treading carefully around the spirit with one eyebrow raised at all times.

Luckily a lot seems to have changed over the last decade; apparently it’s ok to not finish the bottle in one go, and doing a shot every time you remove a Jenga block without the tower tumbling is considered a bad idea.

The Wick at Both ends established itself in 2010 as the first absinthe bar in Sheffield and continues to offer a unique range of absinthe and cocktails. Since opening its doors the staff have been gradually expelling the myth and folk-law that surround the spirit. Although undoubtedly, it is the mystery, myth and intrigue that cause such wish and want for the lurid liquor.

Many of the staff are in it for the long haul; not only have they grown but they have watched the venue grow from being somewhere people passed by on route elsewhere to being a hustling, bustling part of the West Street scene.

Armed with an incredible passion and a desire to experiment the team put weeks of research into each and every one of their cocktails. This not only makes it their place of work but it’s also their favourite place to drink! The Wick does seem to have something for everyone as you can never predict the crowd that you’ll get in there from one night to the next.

Back in 2013 the Wick decided to up its game; making changes, not only to its interior but the quality of the produce that it sold. At this time, the Wick was known for its ‘Wick and Mix’ concept, which was essentially British tapas and to this day they still receive emails enquiring as to whether they still do it! For the most part the food is quintessentially British and the chefs are frequently introducing new ideas and concepts to the menu, meaning each dish is as different as the last.

Like most we have an overwhelming desire to seek out the undiscovered and new, but we can always find an excuse to go back to the Wick. There is something quite homely and comforting about it; dark wood and comfy seating means that you cannot mistake it for being anything other than what it is, a pub. And a great one at that!

This place has always had a sense of allure over us and we urge you to head down to experience it for yourself. It could be “La fee verte” (the green fairy) and its association with bohemian culture, or it could just be the great food and comfortable environment. However, if all that isn’t enough to intrigue, we should let you in on a little secret from the past. Historically, absinthe was thought to be the drink of choice of Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway and Vincent van Gogh….. And if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for us!


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