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The Tramshed

Most bars expect relatively quiet week nights, building steadily post-Wednesday to the crescendo of the weekend, before returning to the quiet start of the week, giving punters and purveyors a chance to recuperate before doing it all again. Not so for the The Tramshed.

Since opening its doors in June, evenings here have been consistently full-on, and co-owner Frankie and the team clearly thrive on it!


The building, empty and unused for many years following fire damage, had housed an Italian restaurant in another life, but what most locals recall was the art work painted onto the hoarding of the empty building, declaring “Community Lives!” This artwork is now proudly displayed in the back of the bar.  And the community evidently does live on in this venue! The fixtures and fittings all hold stories of how they were sourced and the people who contributed them; from the Indian hardwood pallets used to construct the frontage, to the gifted gold shoes displayed on top of the piano. Wood and metal are beautified by flowers, lights, glass bottles and bells. And best of all, the toilet seat in the Ladies is GLITTERY! (Sorry boys).


Although currently, only the ground floor is in use, there are plans to renovate and open the upstairs space. The idea is to use this as a place for various cultural happenings; hosting anything from secret cinema clubs to astronomy lectures.

But it isn’t just the décor that’s of interest. The Tramshed serve a variety of unusual alcohols; the bottled beers include a wide range of wheat, guest and fruit beers. The spirit shelves don’t contain the standard brands; instead you are offered an array of carefully chosen tipples that you may not have come across before but will definitely want to try again, and there’s a good choice of wine too.They also stock a non-alcoholic beer selection, as well as soft drinks.  Frankie and the team know their stuff and can suggest and recommend a beverage, whatever your taste buds desire.


Of course, after whetting your whistle, you may just fancy a little snack, and The Tramshed can offer more than your usual dry roasted nuts. Pinchos, freshly prepared by next door are available for the hungry. Salmon and vermicelli; pastrami and horseradish; red pepper and feta were just a few of the tasty toasted breads on offer when we visited….and for just a quid each, you could easily sample every one!

Frankie greets each and every visitor through the door with a genuinely warm welcome. The overall vibe is one of hanging out at your really cool mate’s place- you know, the one with a massive drinks cabinet and amazing taste in music. It’s lively but not too busy; it’s relaxed but not dead. Perfect for a few drinks with friends after work, a chilled beverage on Sunday afternoon, or pre and/or post Bahji Shop meal drinks. It’s definitely a place you will want to return to time and time again.


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