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The Rude Shipyard

The first time we heard about The Rude Shipyard, it felt as if we were being let in on a bit of a secret. Rooms filled with books, instruments tucked into corners, hidden artworks and tasty brunches was more than enough to get us excited.

But it’s hard to pin point exactly why The Rude Shipyard is so special, and to us this mystery is the reason why it is so exciting. It can’t be pigeon holed or put into a category, it just is what it is, and we love it!

Shipyard upstairs

After training as an anthropologist, Sally Smith took over the corner shop from an estate agent in May 2009, with a dream of opening a cafe like no other in Sheffield. Originally set up as a Co-op, Sally and friends ran this venture for 4 years until the end of 2013, when Sally and partner Ric took on the cafe full time.

Much like the best selling novel, Cloud Atlas, where “The Rude Shipyard” name was first conceived, this cafe can be compartmentalised into its greatest attributes. But at its core The Rude Shipyard is a welcoming cafe, offering an all day breakfast, sourcing its meat and veg from local businesses, whilst delivering a daily specials board, consisting of unsuspecting concoctions that will charm even the most experienced critic. And what better way to enjoy your breakfast that sitting down with a Pollards coffee and a book off their shelves.


With a reputation as one of Sheffield’s most intimate venues, the Rude Shipyard invites musicians and poets from all over the world to come and play in their front room. And to accompany this cherished experience, we recommend you indulge yourself with a slab of their famous homemade chocolate Guinness cake, which remains a constant on the menu.

Owners Sally and Ric have a great passion for what they are doing, so whether you’re just popping in for a lunch or stopping in to read a chapter, we recommend you show your appreciation and head down to one of their nights. We promise you will not regret it.

We hope you enjoyed the profile,
Independent Sheffield.


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