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The Milestone Sheffield

At Independent Sheffield we love to share our experiences at some of the most charming and charismatic places Sheffield has on offer.

The Milestone, tucked away in the heart of Kelham Island, is one of the most exclusive eateries in our fair city. It has evolved over the years from a sports bar serving up pizza and tapas, to a critically acclaimed gastro-bar with culinary finesse.


The main concept behind this Gastro-Bar involves a firm grounding in caring for nature and the use of materials and produce that respect the same values. Sourcing their meat from local farmers, the Milestone prides itself on using all parts of the animal; from nose-to-tail you’ll be sure to find something on the menu you didn’t think was even edible. And as for its fruit and veg, well in their quest for self sufficiency they not only encourage local producers to bring their crops in to trade for beer, they have even started their own farm where they grow, learn and educate. If you are interested to find out more, give their farm a follow on


I think we can all agree that the Milestones sense of community spirit, eagerness to learn, educate and push boundaries is rare in our modern world. We often fall into the trappings of the predefined comfort of the known, and resist the temptation to explore, create and envisage what is possible. This is why we love the Milestone so much. They throw out the rule book and have been able to successfully revitalise that lost concept of community.

So with their DIY approach to good food and education, the Milestone run a cookery school on everything from bread making and knife skills to cooking your own pig for that timeless classic, the Sunday roast. These events make the perfect gift for the budding chef or for someone who just wants to know a little more about how to waste less food.


In short, the Milestone is an unique restaurant concept serving the highest quality food in a great space to make you feel right at home. I think its fair to say that the Milestone in all its glory presents an understated authenticity and is not just for those special occasions, its perfect for any day of the week. For us this is the perfect recipe for success… Bon appetite!

Daily Early Bird menu at:
2 Courses – £14
3 Courses – £16.50
Including a complimentary glass of wine or pint

Also Set Lunch Menus daily.

Price Range for Main courses is £10 – £16


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