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When embarking on this profile it felt like a daunting task as The Harley has such a strong roots in Sheffield’s history. It was like we were writing a memoir of a close relative or friend.

We feel we can speak for everyone when we say we’ve been through a lot together, grown up through the years, shared epic nights together, lost nights forever and even had one or two of those “what happened last night” nights.


It’s fair to say our steel city has always been full of creative, passionate individuals and the team at the Harley is no exception. They are the brain child behind other of our much-loved Sheffield haunts from the Wick at Both Ends, Tramlines festival and the Anchorage. This diversity gives The Harley a persona that is almost impossible to define in a single profile. So we welcome you to the first chapter in their story.


In 2003 Dave Healy was offered the lease on the Harley Hotel, and not being afraid of a challenge stepped up to save it from ruin. But in the words of Dave, all credit must go to his business partner Sarah Nulty, who helped craft the Harley into the thing it is today. Sarah has not only established a venue with a great personality but she has resurrected one of Sheffield’s historic landmarks to sit shoulder to shoulder with a multitude of bars and restaurants on Upper West Street.

The Harley is probably most famous for its love, passion and support of great music. Over the years the their stage has been graced by some of the hottest acts on their way to musical stardom, with the likes of Alt-J, The XX and local legends Arctic Monkeys to name but a few. But as well as having multiple Mercury prize nominees and winners in their line up, some of you keen eyed Royal Blood fans might have recognised the Harley from their “Little Monsters” music video. So when you combine great live music and a 4am kick out time you’ll find yourself returning on a regular basis to see what’s new.

Everyone knows that the Harley is the place for up and coming musical talent but did you also know that thanks to the Twisted Burger Company they do a damn good burgers too?! On our visit we went for a double falafel patty and a ‘return of the mac’ double bacon patty, both covered in melted Montgomery jack cheese and accompanied by a healthy portion of hell fire fries. It’s safe to say we were not disappointed as both burgers were stacked to the rafters and resembled the leaning tower of Pisa.

Another string in their bow is that the Harley is actually a hotel! How often do you arrive at a hotel and experience a sense of déjà vu? Anonymous hallways, lobbies and identical bedrooms that leave even the most experienced navigator lost, but not at the Harley, each room is its own unique sanctuary. So for those who don’t want to or can’t leave, there are 22 bedrooms upstairs, providing bed & breakfast often for less than the price of a taxi ride home.

It’s safe to say that The Harley doesn’t follow in other bars footsteps, it creates its own.


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