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Unbeknownst to many, Sheffield is a mecca for rock climbers. With easy access to the plentiful rock in the Peak District, climbers flock to the city to indulge in their hobby and be among a community that holds climbing and the outdoors close.


The Climbing Works is a wall run by climbers, for climbers, and they have nailed it. The visionaries behind this venue are Sam, Percy and Graeme. Sam was a professional climber and brand representative, Percy was an international route setter and Graeme worked for the British Mountaineering Council. They put their heads together in 2006 and opened what is now one of the best bouldering walls in the world, the biggest in the UK and, in my opinion, the friendliest I have come across.


From the moment you walk in the door, it is a fun experience; the staff are friendly, the coffee (locally sourced from Cafeology) is great, the route setting is world class and there is music to get you in the mood! They welcome all ages and with the opening of the Mini Works in 2013, there is now a designated wall for the development of kid’s climbing. From WADS sessions that nurture young talent to Rock Tots that gives toddlers the chance to play and scamper around, there is something for all your little ones.


For people who are new to the sport, The Climbing Works provides an easy introduction to an extreme sport. With route setting for all abilities and welcoming coaches, joining this centre is not an intimidating prospect at all. They offer free coaching sessions three times a week, not only teaching the basics, but also coaching people to improve. They also run yoga classes and massage sessions to keep you in tiptop condition, all under one roof!

On the flip side, if you are somewhat of a seasoned climber, you can rest assured there will be plenty for you to have a go at. With an extensive campus board, a 50-degree training board and many hard problems on the Competition Wall, you will always go home feeling tired! Many members of the GB Bouldering team train here for international events and the Climbing Works is one of their official sponsors.


The owners have worked hard to make this a good venue for their customers but they have not lost sight of their roots. Climbing‘s lasting relationship with the outdoors is mirrored in the Climbing Work’s ethos; they encourage sustainable behaviour by offering a free brew to anyone who walks/buses or cycles to get there. So get on your bike and get to the wall for a warm up brew and a session!

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