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Unlike many of us Brits, Kiwis don’t go through the daily ritual of deciding which chain is least unethical, or which fake name we’re going to give the staff at Starbucks.

Without the usual suspects on every street corner, New Zealand is the true homeland of the independent café, with destinations that ooze character, and deliver unique experiences. Tamper Coffee’s two cafés each bring some of this Kiwi cafe culture to the streets of the Steel City.


Hailing from New Zealand, Jon and his family arrived in Sheffield in 2011 and before long, the original Tamper Coffee opened just off West Street. This small coffee shop with its quirky seating and steamed up windows instantly became a hit with locals and the resident Kiwi community alike. But it wasn’t only the hip atmosphere that kept them coming back. Jon is a man who knows his coffee and you can tell when you drink it. Tamper serves its own blend of coffee created by Ozone of London, and every cup is made by a highly trained barista who’s sole purpose is to make every one perfect.

Pouring Coffee

It quickly became obvious that the Westfield Terrace premises wasn’t big enough for the enormous demand for Tamper’s delicious blend and tasty nibbles. So, last year Tamper expanded its remit and Sellers Wheel was born in an ex-industrial building right in the heart if the city. Here Jon has been able to enjoy the space and freedom to grow off the back of Tamper’s already glowing reputation. Sellers wheel now holds regular supper clubs (Tamper Late), after-work drinks on a Friday (the Wind Down) and coffee-tasting workshops.

Sellers wheel has a real buzz about it, and not just from the caffeine. Looking around at your fellow customers you feel like this is a place where important things happen. Creative ideas are forged, news is shared between old friends and stresses are released at the end of a hard week, all over a delicious hand prepared meal, a coffee or even a cold beer.


Every member of the Tamper team has an important role to play. The moustachioed hipsters who wait the tables never fail to charm with a cheeky smile or some witty banter. Steve the Polynesian chef cooks up great dishes inspired by Kiwi and British classics. The barista, who guards the impressive entrance hall of the Sellers Wheel, tirelessly works through the endless coffee orders. And, of course, there’s Jon! If you are lucky enough to catch him with a minute to spare he will eagerly tell you all about his new guest blends or some high tech coffee preparation technique he has recently discovered.

Tamper is continually evolving and surpassing it’s already top notch standards. You’ll just have to keep checking in, to see what Jon has up his sleeve next.

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