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Coffee shops are popping up left, right and centre in Sheffield at the moment and luckily most of them are independents rather than franchises of the large chains. This is a testament to YOU, the people of Sheffield. We love our independents and the quality of service and produce that they bring to the table, pun intended!

With such great variety how do you know which establishment to visit? Well, you could go to each and every one, sampling what’s on offer and the atmosphere created. This would obviously be a wonderful way to spend your time but probably not the most efficient for you busy people. So here at Independent Sheffield we thought we would try to do that for you! Now I know what you are thinking, and yes it is a tough job, but one that we will continue to do for the good of the city!


Today we have a new place to tell you about: Steam Yard. I am sure that most of you have heard of it by now as Matt and Nick opened their doors in January 2014.

Close friends with a shared love (addiction) of coffee and the social aspects surrounding it means that Steam Yard is not just a business but also a passion, a lifestyle and a place that the boys are extremely proud to own.


Matt is a graphic designer and works predominantly in and around music. He runs social media and marketing for the Tramlines and Sensoria Festivals as well as managing Sheffield/Leeds band Hey Sholay. Talking to Matt you really see the culture side to coffee and what they offer at Steam Yard. He obviously loves the products they serve but is also brimming with ideas to link Steam Yard with other independents around Sheffield and create a community interlinked by music, fashion, coffee and of course local, independent retail.

Photo by Instagrammer @freespiritdebm

Photo by Instagrammer @freespiritdebm

Nick is the barista, the man behind the machine, and does the day to day running of Steam Yard. He is passionate about all things coffee related and he ensures every cup served leaves you savouring the taste and with a strong desire for more. His other love is blues music and this can be seen in the Americana influences around the Steam Yard.

After deciding to set up shop, the next step was finding a location and when they looked round the grade II listed silver works in Aberdeen Court they fell in love. A great size where intimacy is maintained but they can also meet the needs of their ever growing customer base and the ‘piece de resistance’ is the charming courtyard.

The Steam Yard’s interior mixes local Sheffield with inspirations from across the pond. White walls and simple concrete floors, steel framed leather booths and reclaimed oak create a classic raw and industrial feel. Splashes of Le Creuset tangerine contrast nicely with this minimal look to create a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can sit back, chat and relax with your favourite cup of coffee.


To accompany your coffee how about a contender for the best donut in Sheffield courtesy of the Depot Bakery; light enough to float, a sprinkling of sugar is just enough to keep them grounded. If you fancy something a little more savoury, salt beef bagels, pastrami subs and grilled cheese are all on offer, can you see where their food inspirations come from?!

The guys aren’t only focussed on the shop; they have just released their own nitro cold brew, bottled in retro, amber stubbies. They have also teamed up with local designer Tom J Newell to make a series of tees and totes to wear on those hot summer days on Division Street.


With all these ideas and collaborations who knows where their inspiration will take them, but for the time being, if you want to enjoy a good coffee with great friends then head on down to the Steam Yard.

Grazie, Sheffield

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