My first encounter with StarmoreBoss was the day Independent Sheffield was born. Whilst out for a celebratory drink at the Dev Cat, a gentleman approached holding two bottles of whisky and a couple of tumblers. “Would you care for a whisky?” he asked, and of course who could turn down a chat up line like that!

Being complete rookies with our whisky knowledge, Mr Starmore sat down and explained a little about himself and the business, following with a dignified monologue describing the notes of each whisky and the correct procedure on how to taste. This knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for spirits and wine is something Barry and business partner Jefferson have been sharing for years around Sheffield, running weekly tasting nights attempting to educate us.


Located on the ever evolving Sharrowvale Road, StarmoreBoss offer their clientele a vast selection of quality wines, alluring spirits and character beers, from every corner of the globe. Owners, Barry Starmore and Jefferson Boss, have over 40 years of combined experience within the wine and service industry, which is reflected by their selection on the shelves and their warm approachable attitude from the moment you step in off the street.


If like us you are passionate about knowing where your food and drink comes from and what is in it, look no further than StarmoreBoss. With each bottle being hand-selected by one of the two owners, there is a unique and incising story behind each bottle.

Barry and Jeff love to keep things fresh and interesting, with a continual stock rotation, their selection will never be the same from season to season. From rare, fine wines to small independent vineyards, you are sure to find something unique. So whether you’re looking for a bottle to add something special to your Friday night dinner party, intrigued to try a beer from a local brewer, or you just think the perfect gift for that special someone would be an independent, single cask, single malt whisky. StarmoreBoss has something for everyone, from the fine wine connoisseurs, to complete novice.


So, if you’re looking for something you’ve never tried or have a thirst to increase your knowledge, get off your seats, step away from the computer, put down the smart phone and sign yourself up to one of StarmoreBoss’ weekly tastings at the original social network, your local pub.


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