Mumma Bump Fit

“Building Confident Mums” — Mumma Bump Fit offer coaching to women throughout pregnancy and into the post-natal period, helping them to feel confident and strong again while their little ones enter the world.

Originally started under the name ‘Contour Fitness’ and offering training to both men and women they soon came to realise that they had potential to focus their training onto just women. With a re-brand and new name Mumma Bump Fit was born. The naturally fitting name helps highlight their customer reach for those who they can help best:

Mumma — New mums who want to feel themselves again after having a baby.
Bump — Women who want to stay active during their pregnancy as well as preparing their body for labour.
Fit — Women who want to feel fitter, stronger and confident that they look great.

Helping guide you through safe pregnancy and post-natal exercises they aim to empower women into feeling confident along every step of the way. Once you have completed your post natal safe training, Mumma Bump Fit offer a range of classes and 1-to-1 coaching to switch the focus from recovery to building exercise and strength. Past mums that have continued beyond their post natal coaching have experienced the unbeatable feeling of being fitter and stronger than they have ever felt.

It is not just fitness that Mumma Bump Fit aim to offer, their classes are relatively small in size which enables a real community feel with a large wealth of knowledge and laughter being shared at each session. Every instructor is on hand to interact and share tips to be able to get each member to a point where they do not necessarily need any help to achieve their goals, but the closeness and community vibes of each class continue to bring mums back. This is not just a fitness class, it is a place to relax and focus on what you want to achieve without any outside interference.

With an expansion on the horizon with more personal studio space, Mumma Bump Fit will soon be increasing their range as well as offering a larger number of classes. With a huge variety of options each class offers something truly different, if you are feeling bored of your regular routine and want to rebuild that lost confidence look no further and save 10% off membership when you use your Independent Sheffield Card.


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