Mexican Street Food Chef

Drawing upon Mexican design and heritage for inspiration, the Mexican Street Food Chef have created a wonderfully diverse and healthy offering for the streets of Sheffield.

Whilst steeped in nostalgia, they offer their very own unique flavour which will have you coming back for more.

Street Food Chef

Abi, Richard and their maraca shaking family founded the Mexican Street Food Chef in 2009, having made their way through the ranks and honed their skills at local markets and street-food events around The North. After receiving multiple awards and much support from fellow independent lovers they were able to expand their business from the stalls to a permanent take-away outlet right in the heart of the city on Pinstone Street. They went from strength to strength, and opened a restaurant on Arundel Street in 2012, giving people a place to recline and soak up the Mexican vibes whilst enjoying their burrito.


The Street Food Chef are 100% dedicated to combining fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Along with their love for healthy fast food, this has resulted in an authentic and tasty menu that will have your taste buds tingling and your desire to purchase a sombrero soaring. As creatures of habit and lovers of the burrito, we struggle to deviate from that trusty silver bullet, but on this occasion we just had too. As men of modest appetite we shied away from the El Bastardo burrito challenge, and opted for the more reasonably sized platter. With the three intensity levels to choose from you will be sure to find a taste that will suit you, and what better way to wash down your feast than with an authentic Mexican beer or two.


With their devotion and ethos, Abi and Richard have the ability to produce an experience like no other, making you feel welcomed in their home. What we at Independent Sheffield really love about the Mexican Street food Chef is their pride and passion for independent business. They really practice what they preach by sourcing fresh ingredients and working closely with other local independent farms and businesses within their community. So get your poncho on and head down for an experience you will want to repeat again and again!


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