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The moment you see the shop front you can’t help but feel a sense of intrigue and curiosity. What is this red fronted terrace house? Who is Jonty, and what does he do?


Press your nose up against the glass and get hit with a hive of activity. Coupled with an aesthetically pleasing experience helped by an assorted interior creations that are both homely and contemporary. Nestled between an art gallery and a local Sharrow Vale resident, this glass fronted “typical” Sheffield terrace is home to Made by Jonty.

Sheffield born and bred, Jonty is the heart and soul of this cafe, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge from multiple restaurants across the UK to the bustling streets of Sharrow Vale. As a proud Independent Sheffielder, Jonty is not only passionate about buying from local outlets, but also covers his walls in local artists from the likes of Kid Acne, Felicity Hoy and Pete McKee.


From local fresh veg to freshly baked gluten free cakes and bakes, Jontys serves nothing but restaurant quality food without the shock and horror of the final bill, putting it in a genre of its own, a Chef’s cafe.

With an ever evolving menu and daily specials chalked on the board, more often than not with cheeky play on words, Jonty continually serves up some of the best food round. The staff will very kindly guide you through the maze of unknown ingredients and uniqueness of the dishes whilst taking onboard any custom or dietary requests. So whether you opt for “Eggs with benefits” or an all day breakfast you can’t go wrong! It’s as Jonty says, great food, done well! If I was forced to recommend a dish I would have to say go for anything that involves egg, as cooking over 1000 eggs a week certifies anyone an expert and master.


One thing that stood out for us is the community spirit the staff have infused by actively encouraging customers to share their tables and their stories, forging bonds, friendships and coffee buddies, and never without a humbling smile on their face. So don’t be afraid of your neighbour and don’t let us tell you about our experiences, why not go and have some for yourself.


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