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The Laundry – Sheffield’s First Barberista?

We’re totally coining the term barberista.

Sheffield is a city full of dreamers and risk takers. With the perfect equilibrium of entrepreneurs chasing their dreams and the good people of Sheffield supporting them in their valiant efforts. Some two years ago, Sally Clark and Mitchell Wilson decided to open a salon on Arundel Street in the front area of Sellers Wheel. From there they’ve gone on to win many awards but aren’t resting there as they embark on an evolution. The historic space previously used as a reception and welcome area has been turned into a vibrant cold press juice and coffee bar with seating for up to 28 customers. Exciting, right? What’s even more beautiful is the restoration and refurbishment of one of Seller’s Wheels most striking features, a huge sash window that has been lovingly re-purposed as a handy take-out service window for those on the go on Arundel Street.


The Laundry Cafe has been reimagined by the award winning design agency 93ft from recycled and reclaim materials in keeping with the Salon’s comfortable luxury feel. The interior focuses on soft buttery leathers, smooth Derbyshire marble and English hard woods. The provenance of all the local reclaim materials not only makes for great local chat but gives a real feeling of Sheffield hospitality. The now famous bus seats that provide seating for both the Salon and the Café, were rescued from a Sheffield bus company and re-holstered locally. 93ft have developed the ‘leaping hare’ concept, which was used to launch the Salon and has focused in on the face and features of the hare to brand juice bottles and signage for the Cafe.

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The Laundry Cafe works both in tandem and independently to the successful salon. The inspiration for it was the same passion behind promoting great hair health. The cold press juices are packed full of vitamins and minerals, which is a welcome change to the beer diet we’ve been on recently. The cafe plan to produce juices to match the seasons, using fresh Sheffield produce from the markets down the road. A match made in heaven.

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Life is all about a balanced diet (this is not to be confused with having a pie in both hands) so there will be a counter of cakes, commissioned by local, Karen Caudwell, a woman solely responsible for ruining many diets within the Sheffield region. There will also be some incredible gluten free and vegan options so everybody can join in with the cake fun.

We caught up with Sally and Mitchell:
“As part of our aspiration to become a leading lifestyle name associated with great hair, health and a positive lifestyle. We have expanded our offering developing our own range of cold press juices alongside premium coffees and teas as the Laundry Cafe concept.”

Pop down for a haircut, a coffee, or both and support this incredible independent dream factory making big moves for little ole’ Sheffield.

***Offer applies only on sit in, not takeaway***


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