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Homemade by Thelma’s

They say having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know that whatever you do, whatever happens, they’ll always be there. This certainly seems to be true of the two Rowley sisters that run Homemade by Thelma’s.

Some of you will remember Thelma’s on Sharrowvale with its heavenly breakfasts and cute homely feel, well incase you’ve been asleep for the last year, they’ve moved onwards and upwards (quite literally!). Located at the Netheredge cross roads, May and Emily took over the much loved Homemade, bringing with it their seal of approval and a family name.


Our first impressions of Homemade by Thelma’s is one of sentimentality. It is an amalgamation of two great independents, both deep-seated in our hearts and memories. If you look closely there are still remnants of the original Homemade but with the fresh and creative zest of Thelma’s girls. Making use of Emily’s background in graphic design, the attention to detail is impeccable resulting in a simple and elegant interior.


After the move in 2013, Emily and May evolved the menu bringing some of their families secrets with them. One of our all time favourite lunch time dishes is the brie, spinach and chilli jam quesadillas, served with two of their salads from the ever changing specials board. But if you don’t live nearby or can’t nip out of work for a lunchtime treat don’t panic, the girls have something extra special up their sleeve just for you. They host a weekly Friday bistro night which is the perfect excuse for a date night or why not book the whole place out for a birthday bash. But be warned, due to its popularity you’ll need to book in advance. And if you fancy a more impromptu evening, Emily and May will come to the rescue again, hosting a proper burger and shake night every Wednesday. The beastly burgers come made to order and they have something for everyone, from meat lovers, veggies, gluten free to vegans, all are served in red food baskets, reminiscent of an American style bistro, filled with hand cut fries and coleslaw.


By now you’re probably wondering who Thelma is and what does she do? Well, Thelma was many things to many people but to the Rowley sisters she was a grandmother, and what better way to honour her name and memory than to name their dream business after her.

Our lasting impression is that Homemade by Thelma’s certainly lives up to its homely name and is one of the finest independent bistros Sheffield has to offer. So Whether you fancy a romantic evening meal or afternoon tea for two, head down and become a part of the family.


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