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Forge Bakehouse

Freshly baked bread is one of life’s small pleasures; whether you are passionate about Panini, whacky on Wheaten or bonkers about Baguettes, there is a loaf out there for everyone!

The definition of bread is a simple one-
“Food made of flour, water and yeast mixed together and baked.”

But we all know it’s so much more. The smell, the sound, the texture; as an accompaniment or at the centre of a meal; sweet or savoury; a romantic rendezvous or a robust sandwich to keep us fuelled; this age-old food has a fond place in most peoples lives.


Good bakeries seem to be a thing of the past in much of the UK but in Sheffield, as the demand for quality produce grows there seems to be a small revival with The Forge Bakehouse leading the way.

The brains and the driving force behind this Abbeydale Road establishment is Martha, who learnt the trade at the school of artisan food in Nottinghamshire. Although she has produced a masterpiece Martha describes it as more of an “amazing accident”; a project that went from a hypothetical dream and research trip, all the way to making real plans for the bakery she would love to have one day.


One day happened to be in November 2012 and they haven’t looked back, in fact due to the popularity of their produce they have recently moved to bigger premises; don’t worry it’s only 200 yards up the road.

The Forge set themselves apart from other bakeries by using naturally occurring yeast and a longer fermentation time to create sourdough based loaves. This gives a unique taste to their bread and makes it easier to digest for those with gluten intolerances.


Not only do they bake an exceedingly fine loaf but once a month they try their hand at pizza making, with a truly delicious and sumptuous outcome. Toppings are varied and inventive resulting in a taste sensation and one very big, but fast moving, queue!


Along with pizzas the Forge has also moved into education with monthly bread making classes running from April; a perfect way to avoid disappointment when you arrive at the bakery a little late and they are all sold out!

The name comes from the cities industrial past and its success has been built on hard work and a wish to create bread that is far from modern fast-food principles. So, if you have dinner party to plan for or just want something a little different to go with your cheese and ham why not pop in and see what you have been missing!


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