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The Hunters Bar area is alive and kicking and it’s becoming just as famous for its food as it is for that song by those four lads.

Ever felt like something was missing in your life? Before the opening of Eve Kitchen in January 2015 we felt like there was something missing in Sheffield. It was hard to explain to people, there was just an emptiness inside of us that lingered as we explored the labyrinth of this city. Pizzas we’ve got, craft ale we’ve most certainly got, and the same for burger joints and curry houses. It turns out that there was a circular sugary shaped void in our lives that was filled the moment we discovered Sheffield was getting a beautiful doughnut shop a few hundred metres from our home.

In 2014, Lauren Eve came to the realisation that Sheffield was lacking in Doughnuts. Rather than complain she decided to use her talents and love for baking to do something about it. After starting off making them in her home and selling them to local independents and at markets, they’ve finally settled in their own spot on Sharrow Vale. Eve Kitchen is beautiful, minimalist and elegantly simple as they let the doughnuts speak for themselves. So this subtly leads us on to the important stuff, the doughnuts, those little round balls of sugar coated heaven that look almost too good to eat. Our favourites are the ones with fruit in as it’s just a secret way of assuring us that doughnuts for breakfast is an ok thing to do.

With the main focus being doughnuts you’d think they’d not have time or the energy to do anything else, but Eve’s Kitchen is so much more than that. She employs a small team whose focus and attention to detail on everything they do is impeccable. Take for example the first time we visited, we just watched in awe as Nick prepared an iced coffee, he wasn’t aware we were judging watching him but we genuinely don’t think we’ve ever seen such focus or determination whilst preparing a brew. Who knows it could have just been flirting in a barista kinda way but it just reminded us about why we love independents so much. To us it’s not just about where the coffee is from or how it tastes, it’s about the passion and love that goes into their produce.

Lauren and her team are here for us through rain, snow, sleet, hail and on the occasional sunny morning, with a fresh batch of doughnuts and are open until they’re all gone, so be quick or you’ll miss out on that gratifying experience. Make sure you pop in with your Independent Sheffield Membership card to get 20% off your next visit and give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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