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Ok… so who likes beer? And who likes pizza? We assume that is pretty much everybody and that is why Craft and Dough has been such a success.

The Kelham Island based eatery opened its doors in December 2014 but the idea had been born way back, in fact all the way back in 2007 when The Milestone first opened. Not only were pizzas on the menu but also craft beers like Goose Island and Anchor Steam were served alongside many moons before they were cool.


So when a perfectly sized location came on the market it was time to test the theory that everyone loves quality pizza and a fine range of craft beers.

We liked Craft & Dough as soon as we entered: simple, urban décor and a feeling of ‘cool’ without the ego. The smell of freshly baked pizza mingled with what could be hops, or could be my imagination, set my mouth watering in anticipation of what was to come.


Pizza is a great food and comes in so many different guises; thin based, deep pan, pizza pie, calzone, the list is endless. For me, however, a good thin base with plenty of fresh, tasty ingredients is the only way to go. Craft & Dough hit both nails on the head with a thin stonebaked base and seasonal produce that is locally sourced. The twist from the norm is the combination of ingredients they use to top their pizzas. Yes they offer a margarita for the purists out there, but for those looking for something a bit different try the Tandoori Chicken or the Piggy Smalls, for the vegetarians there is Endless Summer or Yorkshire goat’s cheese and beetroot. The sourcing of the ingredients means that the menu tends to change with the season resulting in good quality ripe produce that is feasted upon at the proper time. And just to be inclusive there are gluten free bases and vegan options on request! Banging!


Now if the food menu is considered short, simple and sweet then the beer list is anything but! Beers are sourced from around the globe; from the land of the rising sun, to the US of A and back around to good ol’ Blighty. Stouts, pales, IPA’s, pilsners and wheat’s; there really is something for everyone. I tend to have a chat with the knowledgeable staff, taste a few and trust in their capable hands and I haven’t been let down yet! For those not keen on the hops based products there is a fine selection of wines, cocktails, whiskeys, gins and rums to accompany your Italian feast.

When we first heard about Craft & Dough we were frothing at the bit. A good pizza is hard to beat in our opinion and an equally good beer to accompany it seals the deal emphatically. I have to say I am yet to be disappointed. The beer has always been refreshing, delicious and unique, and the pizza just leaves me wanting more, and more, and more! The only problem is that Kelham Island is a bit of trek for me but luckily they have been nice enough to open up a second Craft & Dough on Campo Lane! Thanks guys!


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