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Food and coffee…for many of us they’re more than just a kick-start to the day or a fuel to keep us going, they’re passions, where a day without sipping on the dark stuff or experimenting with new ingredients is simply a day wasted.

But whether it’s for love or just a requirement, I think we can all agree that a great meal and a good cup of coffee plays a fundamental role in all our lives but with that comes a certain responsibility, one which Couch likes to challenge head on.

Couch opened their doors in 2014 and were welcomed with open arms onto the independent scene on Ecclesall Road. There was so much love they opened a second spot on Campo lane and who knows what’s in store for the future. Couch pride themselves on their chic vibe and community-orientated approach whilst serving up some of the tastiest food and coffee on the streets of our city. In both spots they’ve conquered the relaxed vibe and stylish hub for coffee aficionados, foodies or for those just looking to pass the time with friends.

Not only do Couch have great tasting coffee and cakes that are scientifically proven to make you happier, they also offer patrons a large array of menu options from light lunches, bun bursting burgers and pizzas. It’s the kind of place where you’re already planning what you’ll order on your next visit before you’ve even ordered your first meal. We do however recommend you sample a freak-shake no matter what the weather outside.

One of the things we noted whilst perusing the menu is the sheer number of options for veggies, vegans and gluten free individuals among us. It’s something that we feel is vital in any establishment in this day and age as accommodating everyone’s dietary requirement is key to success.

We should probably talk about the interior of both venues… they’ve managed to create every loft apartment owners dream home with a few more chairs and amazing coffee and beer on tap. Both spaces make the perfect spot to hire out for an event or to pop down with the kids for a parents catch up.

So if all of the above sounds up your street then a trip to Couch is definitely in order, especially with your Independent Sheffield Membership Card as they’re now offering 25% off the bill for the first month. You can find out more about them on or on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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