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ClubRackets is Sheffield’s Racket Sports Shop. It provides Tennis, Badminton, Squash & Racketball and Table Tennis equipment to social and club players.

Sheffield has a long and established history with racket sports; having provided World Champions, Wimbledon winners and top class internationals in the recent past. It is home to some of the oldest and largest clubs in the country and with a huge base of players and volunteers all the sports are thriving.


After the closure of ‘Rackets’ on Division Street a number of years ago, local players were given no option but to gamble with buying equipment online or from small pro-shops, where the selection is often limited. Internet shopping is great for some things but buying your first racket, or trying to get a pair of perfectly fitting shoes requires trial and error, and input from a knowledgeable source.

In December 2014 with a selection of badminton rackets and shoes on display ClubRackets opened it’s doors on Abbeydale Road. Within a few minutes customers were walking through the door for racket restrings and to browse the selection of rackets. After a few months tennis, squash & racketball equipment was added to the stock and with the recent addition of major table tennis brands, ClubRackets is now a fully-fledged racket sports shop.


Ian, the owner, is currently still working at nearby school to help pay the household bills whilst he grows his customer base and stock. In recent months with increased opening hours business has been booming and he is hoping that he’ll be able to run the shop full-time in the near future. It’s great to see his passion and love for all sports racket based is paying dividends, after all it’s talking to others about these sports and products that really ignites the fire in him.

ClubRackets offers a quick and professional stringing service, alongside clothing, shoes and rackets for purchase. A racket can be a large investment and Ian feels it’s important that the customer knows and likes what they are buying so not only will he provide expert advice but he’ll also let you borrow a racket to get a real feel for it on the court!


So if you’re new to racket sports or have been playing for longer than you care to remember why not pop down to ClubRackets and see what Ian has to offer.

***10% off Tennis equipment until the end of Wimbledon 2018 (15th July). This includes rackets, balls, shoes and restringing. ***


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