Clobber Calm

Started from a passion of well-made/hand-made products that look better the more they are worn and loved. Clobbercalm Supply Co is the ultimate place to fulfil your needs with the best vintage, denim and leather wear in the heart of our beloved SteelCity.

It all started with an Instagram post after a few beers with not much thought given to it. But founder Ben Woodhouse has poured his passion and desire into what is now a flourishing independent business far from the spontaneous Instagram outfit post that started it all.

“Birthed from a simple Instagram feed started (only) out of curiosity I stumbled into a world of incredible utilitarian menswear I had no idea I belonged to.” — Benjamin Woodhouse, Founder

Now with a unit in Kelham Island Clobbercalm has its base to expand their love of everything vintage. Offering a wide range of vintage clothing from across the globe they stand by their company ethos of…Quality Not Quantity. Style Not Fashion. Humbling Not Hardwork. Service not Self. They love talking Denim and boots, the moment you step into their store you have their full attention. Happy to assist and answer any questions you may have, this is simply not a shopping trip it’s a learning curve.

With a belief that Fast Mass produced fashion is old hat you wont find any of the latest trends here, instead you will find the oldest trends that made the newest ones what they are today. The trends may be old but they are still current and in fashion. The fashion that ClobberCalm sell is of the greatest quality enriched in stories that will live on for years to come. It’s not only vintage that they do, denim is high on the agenda. With a wide selection of high-quality menswear from around the world to delight your fashion senses, the rustic almost American feel helps you fall inline in the style you never knew you needed so much.

With its Vintage sales set to take a slight step back, Ben hopes to dedicate space to allow small batch manufacture of denim as well as offering repairs and restoration services to both Denim and Leather. Further making Clobbercalm a one stop shop for all your essential needs and knowledge, returning the passion of makers and craftsman to the heart of Kelham Island.

At the heart of the store lay perfectly a collection of ‘Red Wings’ boots — being the only place in Sheffield to stock these particular boots just shows the passion and desire that Ben has for his brand. With his Instagram account now boasting over sixty-two thousand followers Ben has managed to craft a love into a true passion, if its vintage, leather or denim you are after, then look no further. Keep tabs on all developments over on, @clobbercalm or drop by and say hello.

In true Clobbercalm Fashion – Beers and Cheers!


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