Set in the heart of the newly revitalised Abbeydale Road sits a mainstay of the ever growing coffee shop scene in Sheffield.

Bragazzis is something of an institution in the Steel City having built up a reputation over the past decade, and it’s no wonder that regulars pack the place out every day.


The cafe is divided into two. Half deli, half coffee shop. But don’t think that means Bragazzis are spreading themselves thin. Owner Matteo takes nothing for granted and pays close attention to making sure the coffee, the food and the atmosphere are all the best they can be.

Bragazzis is an extension of Matteo’s personality and the attention to detail is what sets the business apart. The cafe is scattered with traditional Italian paraphernalia and the creaky wooden floorboards and weathered furniture provide an authentic and earnest place to enjoy your coffee. Matteo comes from a family of Italian caterers and the cafe is almost a shrine to his heritage and upbringing.


Many believe that some of the best coffee in Sheffield can be found in Bragazzis, but plenty flock to enjoy the sandwiches too. You won’t find a menu though. All ingredients are freshly sourced on a day to day basis, meaning that an ever changing pantry ensures you’ll never have the same sandwich twice. This is where Bragazzis, and indeed independents, really shine. The uniqueness is not manufactured, it comes from an organic place.


We asked Matteo to make us something up with the ingredients he had in store and we were treated to focaccias stuffed with Italian meats and cheeses with fresh rocket and drizzled with pesto. Incredible. We’d heard very good things about the food at Bragazzis and perhaps it’s due to word of mouth that they have built up such a loyal customer base.


“Let me tell you, we never stop thinking about how to improve” says Matteo. It’s this desire to be the best that places Bragazzis firmly at the top of the pile in terms of Sheffield independents.

We see chains try to emulate the Italian coffee shop experience time and time again, yet somehow fall flat. Bragazzis is what the commercial coffee chains aim for but can never achieve. Abbeydale Road has become a hub for independent coffee shops, and some say that Matteo & co. started the revolution.


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