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Our top 5 picks for Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2017

If you’re fed up with Winter and are in need of some inspiration to escape your office and finding a bit of adventure, then the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF) is for you.

You can save hours of planning and research as there are over 100 films on offer to inspire and aspire, all in the comfort of a Showroom Cinema seat.

ShAFF returns on 17-19th March 2017 for its 12th year showcasing some of the most beautiful films on the adventure film circuit. Whether you’re a runner, biker, climber, skier or like your sports on the water – ShAFF has something for you.

Here are our Top 5 picks for films at ShAFF this year:

No need to Surf the web anymore…

…for what to do over the weekend. Iceland and surfing – who would have thought? This multi-award winning film shows how the most extreme of environments can sometimes create the most beautiful of films. This unique surfing film will make you want to travel to Iceland …. Though, with freezing temperatures it might not make you want to surf there.

The Accord: Watch as part of Surf & Kayak Films, Sat 19.15 and Sun 19.30

Two Wheel Adventures

Cycling to and from work in Sheffield not providing enough adventure? Wondering if you need years of preparation? After buying a bike for £50, Jimmy Hyland boarded a plane and went off looking for adventure in Mongolia. See what happens in this film of one man, a bike and the Mongolian Steppe.

Mohon: Watch as part of Bike Packing Films, Sat 17.00, Sun 14.45

See a hidden part of Sheffield

Think you know Sheffield? Think again. An engineering masterpiece lies beneath the streets of Sheffield that was built to stop the city flooding in the 19th Century. Today two wakeboarders use that water for very different purposes.

Low Line: Watch as part of Made in Sheffield 2, Sat 11.15

Climbing Friendship

Boys in the Bugs and Dodo’s Delight showcase the beauty of climbing in remote places with a group of friends. Both films highlight the challenges on rock but mostly they tell the age old lesson that doing it with a smile is the most important thing.

Boys in the Bugs: Watch as part of Climb Films 1, Fri 19.00 and Sun 15.30

Dodo’s Delight: Watch as part of Climb Films 3, Sat 16.30 and Sun 17.00

Age is not an Issue

The story of four ordinary women who dared to dream of becoming world record breakers as the oldest women to ever row an ocean. Four Mums and a Boat is the knowledge that age is not a barrier when you want to find your own personal adventure.

Four Women and a Boat: Watch as part of Spirit of Adventure Films 1, Sat 10.30 and Sun 16.15


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