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The Independent Sheffield Membership Card Is Here

Ladies and gentleman, comrades and colleagues, we are so pleased to announce that the Independent Sheffield Membership Card is here and my, doesn’t it look pretty!

What is the card, you ask? Well, let us tell you all about it. For months you have known us for trying to make the limelight that surrounds independents just that little bit brighter through our words. As mighty as the pen is, we knew there was scope to do more. Enter the card, a unique pocket sized tour of the city that helps you save money whilst shopping local. Discount cards are nothing new but there isn’t another card like ours because we only work with small and local independents. The big idea is that you save money whilst supporting local and our economy benefits as a result!

Here’s the part where you’re expecting a catch and we’re pleased to announce that there isn’t one! For 25 discounts at Sheffield’s best independents with more added each week it is an absolute bargain at just £15 for one or £20 for two. To say thank you for all the support you have shown us we will be offering the card at a special pre-order price of just £12 for one or £18 for the next two weeks. We want to help you find your new favourite place, fall in love with your city all over again and save a bit of money along the way.

The Wick Cocktails

With 15% off Ink and Water, BOGOF hot chocolate at Cocoa Wonderland, 2-4-1 pizzas at Picture House Social, 10% off Urban Quarter, 10% off Turners Beer Bottle Shop and more, you need this card!


Pre-orders end on the 7th of August when the card is officially launched so order one today and we’ll get it to your door by then. Thank you and get yours here.


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Who Are We?

Breaking away from the common chains, Independent Sheffield is on a mission to link up with all those special places that fill life's little spaces.

Our big idea at Independent Sheffield is to explore what our city has to offer. From the lesser-known, to the best kept secrets in Sheffield, these are the gems that have earned a place in our heart. We're searching for places with a difference, unique offerings, for places everyone will enjoy.

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