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Some Of The Best Reasons To Live in Sheffield

Just incase it’s not totally clear, we love Sheffield and we happen to know a few hundred thousand people who’d back us up on that.

From a distance and up close, it’s beautiful, our views are spectacular, our food and drink are inspirational but most importantly, our people are wonderful. Here’s just some of the best reasons to live in Sheffield.


To us it seems like everywhere you go there is beauty in Sheffield, from the architecture of the old buildings to the modern, there isn’t a light it doesn’t look good in. The hardest decision is finding the right hashtag to share it.

Photo by Euysuk Simon Kwon (@es_kwon)

Photo by Euysuk Simon Kwon (@es_kwon)


Parks are much more than a pleasing detour or place to walk your dog. They’re our gyms, a place for some ‘me’ time and even your first date venues. It’s good to get out of the city every now and then to experience some nature, but the great thing about Sheffield is you don’t have to. Sheffield is rumoured to be the greenest city with the highest tree to person ratio but if all that isn’t enough we also have the glorious Peak District surround us.


Photo by Katie Allen (@katie2194)


Statistically speaking approximately 30 pubs in the UK close on a weekly basis, which means some of our locals will be disappearing before our eyes. However, like all good Yorkshire folk we don’t like to follow the crowds and the Sheffield beer scene is alive and kicking with many great beer stops opening last year. But let’s not rest on our laurels and keep supporting your local.


Picture House Social


Every month there are multiple events that you simply just can’t miss. And with Sheffield being home to some of the best live music venues, sporting events, inner city festivals, club nights and theatre shows you’d be crazy to miss them.


The one and only Tramlines


If there’s one thing which keeps us here above all others, it has to be the people. And we’re not talking about our families and friends, we’re talking about everyone. No matter where you go, no matter what the weather is doing, no matter what time of day it is, this city has the greatest ducks, cocks and luvs around!

Note: For those of you not from here, those are terms of endearment.

Photo by Gary Wolstenholme

Photo by Gary Wolstenholme


Like many people we run on a good cup of Joe, but something tells us we’re alone in this. Luckily for us there are plenty of idyllic spots to sip that morning mocha or that afternoon Americano. Here’s our coffee bible of the top cups of coffee in Sheffield.


Photo by Clare Louise Farmer at the Forge Bakehouse (@pinklittlebean)


Believe it or not, Sheffield’s musical talents stretches further than the likes of Pulp and the Arctic Monkeys. In fact it’s a wash with musical talent and heritage with the likes of Reverend and the Makers, Bring me the Horizon, Def Leppard, The Human League and Richard Hawley to name a few.

There are also brilliant blogs and publications around the city from Exposed Mag and with venues like The Leadmill and The Harley to keep you up to date on the up and comers. But let’s not forget our annual festival, Tramlines which doesn’t just provide a stage for the now, but the stage to inspire the future.

Building at Night

The legendary Leadmill


If you know us at all by now you’ll know we’re massive foodies! It’s been the driving force behind Independent Sheffield. We have a great restaurant in almost every postcode and the food scene is a true representation of our all encompassing attitude towards different cultures.


Food from Urban Quarter


One quick Wikipedia and you’ll discover that Sheffield was responsible for most of the modern world. We’ve always been known for our resilience, our innovation and our spirit. This heritage is something we’re keen to hold onto and one to be proud of. And with the recently addition of the Women of Steel sculpture serving as a beacon of hope, strength and inspiration for all.

Photo by Tim Dennell

Photo by Tim Dennell


Despite the lack of sun over in the good old United Kingdom, when the sun is out it illuminates our streets, beer gardens, parks and the beautiful Peak.

Unbeknownst to many, Sheffield is a mecca for rock climbers, mountain bikers, road cyclists and hikers alike. With easy access to the plentiful rock in the Peak District, these passionate individuals flock to the city to indulge in their hobby and be among a community that holds their chosen sport and the outdoors close.

Photo by Duncan Philpott (@duncanphilpott)

Photo by Duncan Philpott (@duncanphilpott)


There’s something special happening in Sheffield, no amount of words or oddly numbered lists we could write could do it justice, you just have to find out yourself. As no one really know’s what’s in store for Sheffield over the next few years, but all we know is it’s going to be great and we have a feeling you are going to love it.


Photo by Matt Cottrill (@mattcottrill)



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