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An evening with Cast Sheffield

Like most of our readers we love the experience that independents offer. It’s unique, personal and you often leave with a feeling that no-one else will ever experience that exact same thing.

However, it’s a fleeting moment in our journey that can often be forgotten, which is why when the crew at CAST Sheffield got in touch and invited us to an evening at Tamper and the chance to craft our own piece of jewellery to remember the evening we bit their hands off for the opportunity!

Initially like a lot of people we thought that £75 for an evening seemed like a lot so we thought we’d break it down the evening for you to show you you it’s great value for money.

Upon walking in we were welcomed by the lovely Tamper and CAST teams with a cocktail and a friendly smile.


Bit of chit chat amongst the other guests which was a great opportunity to meet new people and share your fears about what the ring will come out like.


Then the evening kicks off with a mini lesson on what’s possible/achievable for your first time. Then you’re given free rein with a sketch pad and pencil to sketch out some ideas.


Then onto the food…you get a starter & main to begin with.



Now onto the main attraction…the moment of truth…where the hidden surgical talents are either revealed or decisions to stick to the sandpaper are made.



Then onto dessert and submission of the final wax mould over the the CAST boys.


Then you say your goodbyes hoping they’ll be kind to your creative attempts in the casting and finishing process



Lastly… delivery, in a cute little box where you can keep your evenings souvenir forever.




If you’d like to find out more about upcoming events visit their website or give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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