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How to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home with Upshot Espresso

Grinding fresh and using scales isn’t just the domain of the super geeks, it’s the only way you’re going to get consistently great results when you brew.

Think of it like baking; would you bake a cake without weighing the flour? Even if that turned out to be the best cake you’ve ever made, would you then be able to do it again? So here is how to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home with Upshot Espresso


Aeropress – one of the simplest, cleanest and most consistent brew methods available.
Kettle – because we need hot water! Filtered water will also make for a much tastier brew than tap
Fresh quality beans & a grinder – because preground, super market coffee is out of season, stale and substandard
Scales – because it’s the only way to get consistent and repeatably tasty results
Favourite mug – because after all the effort, the coffee is there to be savoured and enjoyed!

Great! You’ve got everything listed above, so lets get cracking!


1) Get the kettle on. It’s going to want to boil and then cool down to about 95°C before we start.

2) Meanwhile, pop a filter paper into the aeropress cap and give it a rinse.You can do this over your cup to give it a good preheat. Don’t screw it on just yet.

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3) Weigh out 16g of coffee beans and grind them to the consistency of caster sugar.

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4) Insert the plunger about 1cm inside the brew chamber, then place your aeropress upside down on your scales, add your coffee and tare the scales.

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5) Start your timer and pour in 50g of 95°C water and gently stir the coffee 2-3 times to make sure all of the grounds are evenly wet.

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6) After 30 seconds add 200g more water (to total 250g).

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7) At 1 minute, give the coffee another little stir and then screw on the cap.

8) CAREFULLY flip the aeropress onto your jug or cup.

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9) At 1:30 slowly start plunging.The plunge wants to last about 30s taking you to a 2:00 total brew time.

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10) Unscrew the filter cap and pop the puck out into the bin. Give the Aeropress a quick rinse so its ready to be used again.

11) Nice one! You just brewed some coffee. Instagram it. Think about it. Write notes down about it. But most importantly, savour & enjoy it.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


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