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Are Sheffield Custom ENDS Shops Potentially Harming Citizens?

With the first half of 2021 passing us, we see the re-opening of many local businesses and shops, including ENDS shops. Many of the shops in Sheffield are selling unregulated e-liquid kits. They are dangerous, as are the DIY e-liquids that are sold at those shops. According to numerous reports, people have frequently been indulging in DIY projects and have been mixing their e-liquids after using online tutorials.

Understandably, many of the sold e-liquids are unhealthy since they are manufactured by amateurs who mix their own DIY vaping juices for selling purposes. That said, it is time that the community and citizens of Sheffield join hands and stand up against the selling of unregulated ENDS shops that are potentially harming them.

Why is the opening of ENDS shops dangerous for the Sheffield citizens?

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that mixing one’s own e-liquid is life-threatening. For instance, there have been numerous reports about lung illnesses that have been directly linked with vaping, e-liquids, and DIY vapes, which is why more states and countries around the globe are considering the ban of the sale and distribution of e-liquids, flavored nicotine, and fluids that are frequently used in the popular e-cigs and vaping devices. Different ENDS shops around the globe are responding to such accusations by taking certain steps. For instance, the all-time popular brand Juul has declared that they will stop producing some of their most popular flavors, such as mango, cucumber, and mint. Juul has been repetitively accused of using their favorite flavors to allure the younger generation to try out these flavors and get addicted.

What are the potential dangers of unregulated e-liquids?

It has been speculated that such sudden changes have prompted Sheffield Custom ENDS shops to fill in the vacuum by selling DIY e-liquids kits, some of which are even unregulated. This factor doesn’t only mean potential harm to the citizens of Sheffield, but they leave the buyers also addicted to these forms of nicotine as an effective way to satisfy their nicotine cravings. Most unregulated e-liquids and vape devices contain the addictive substance of nicotine, which negatively impacts the human mind, especially the brain development of young adults. The nicotine level of a single pod of Juul equals the nicotine level of one pack of cigarettes.

Among the serious health hazards, you can expect an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Among the most common reasons people have been taken to the hospitals and the ER are chronic lung infections, such as chronic bronchitis, and type 2 diabetes, which can cause insulin resistance.

Some e-liquids and vape devices that claim to be free of nicotine still contain harmful substances and many other dangerous toxins that can potentially harm the body. In the face of the ongoing pandemic, people are becoming more conscious about their lung health. With the Sheffield custom ENDS shops opening, people are putting their health at serious risk as they consume toxic chemicals and antifreeze ingredients that have a very bad impact on the lungs and overall health. Contrary to the popular notion that vapes and e-liquids are not harmful to by-passers, the fact is that vapes contain carcinogens. This chemical is as dangerous for non-smokers and by-passers as exhaled tobacco smoke.

What can the citizens of Sheffield do about it?

We believe that parents can play an important role in guiding their teens about the potential health dangers associated with e-liquids and unregulated (DIY) vaping substances. The community can hold meetings to find ways for spreading a clear message about the dangers of nicotine and e-liquids.


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