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Abbeydale Picture House Revival

Like many the Abbeydale Picture House is on our daily commute, and not a day goes by that we don’t look up at the historic building and day dream about being inside with a box of popcorn staring up at an old classic…soon it’ll no longer be a day dream.

In 2013 the Abbeydale Picture House was bought at auction by a local business man with plans to turn it into a climbing facility. But thankfully those plans were put on the back burner and the team are now on a mission to revitalise the old building to its former glory and create a space that can be used for just about anything.

So what kind of events can we expect to take place here?

The crew want to keep things fairly close to their chests for now but let’s just say that we will be able to experience a vast range of things. From film nights, to car boot sales, craft events and everything in between. That’s the beauty of the Abbeydale Picture House, it can be transformed into just about anything!

Abbeydale Picture House Revival

On the 18/19th of July it will be transformed into a picture house once again and we couldn’t be more excited. So if you have been itching for a sneak peak for the past 20+ years we’re here to help and show you a few of the people and a bit of the work that’s being going on behind the scenes. (Scroll down for photos!)


Saturday 18th July

Picture House Present:
Local films made after 1975 – Rating: 15
12noon – 11pm

Afternoon Feature
Brassed Off (1996) Directed by Mark Herman
A bittersweet comedy about a Yorkshire mining town turning to music for inspiration when faced with the loss of its way of life.

Evening Feature
Four Lions (2010) Directed by Chris Morris & produced by Sheffields very own Warp Films
Five inept terrorists on their quest to strike a blow demonstrate that terrorism may be about ideology but it can also be about idiots.

+ Short films throughout the day.

Sunday 19th July

Picture House Past:
35mm projection of 20s and 30s films – Rating: PG
Kids under 5 go free
12noon – 10pm

Afternoon Feature
The Call of the Road (1920) Directed by A.E. Coleby
Silent film with live music
A disowned nobleman fights to re-earn the respect of his friends and family, saving his rich uncle from a conniving highwayman, and finding love along the way.

Evening Feature
Laurel & Hardy A Chump at Oxford (1940) Directed by Alfred J. Goulding
As a reward for capturing a bank robber, Stan and Ollie are awarded a scholarship to the University of Oxford, but they’re met with quite some resentment from the other students.

+ Short films throughout the day

Tickets available via the event website:


Photo by Ismar Badzic


Photo by Ismar Badzic


Photo by Ismar Badzic


Photo by Ismar Badzic


Photo by Ismar Badzic


Photo by Ismar Badzic


Photo by Ismar Badzic


Photo by Ismar Badzic


Photo by Ismar Badzic


Photo by Ismar Badzic


Photo by Ismar Badzic


Photo by Ismar Badzic


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