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A moment with Deliverd

Tell us about Deliverd and what it’s all about?

Deliverd makes it easy for you to get super tasty, well-balanced, chef-made dishes delivered to you at work or home in time for your lunch or dinner. You order online at (anywhere from a week in advance up to the same day) and we deliver the meals to you by bicycle. Every dish is just £4, delivery is free and there’s no minimum order!

What kind of food is on the Deliverd menu?

Our menu offers an exciting mixture of cuisines – there’s Japanese, Spanish, British, Thai, Mexican…there’s a real emphasis on tastiness and balance. All of the chefs we partner with use high quality ingredients and make the dishes fresh each day.


Who makes the food?

We hand-pick local chefs from kitchens around the city. Each chef carefully designs a dish to feature on the Deliverd menu – we call these dishes the ‘Bullseye dishes’ – they’re real showcase dishes designed especially to be transported and heated up! Our Food Director, James also works in partnership with kitchens in social outreach projects like the Cathedral Archer Project.

Where do you deliverd to?

We deliver to Sheffield City Centre and just beyond to areas like the University of Sheffield, Kelham Island, Park Hill, London and Ecclesall Road.


You said the dishes were designed to be heated up, so are they delivered cold?

All dishes on the Deliverd menu are delivered chilled – we don’t like trying to keep food hot, it’s not good for the food so it certainly wouldn’t be much good for you! Some dishes can be eaten hot or cold, some are best heated. Every dish comes with the chef’s simple heating and plating instructions, ready for you to heat and eat at the time that suits you best.

You deliver on bicycle? How do you make sure the food arrives in one piece?

All dishes are transported in insulated carry backpacks or panniers. We’ve carefully sourced packaging that keeps our partner chef’s dishes safe and sound – all of our packaging can be recycled or composted. To be honest though it’s our delivery servers that make the difference – they pride themselves on being the “protectors of great grub”!


What’s the difference between Deliverd, Just Eat & Deliveroo?

We often get compared to those guys but we don’t really see them as our main competitors – more the supermarket ready meal aisle.

If we were to compare ourselves to likes of Deliveroo and Just Eat though we’d say the main way in which we differ is the fact that rather than our service being made up of lots of different eateries’ full menus, we have one weekly menu that is made up of a number of local chefs’ showcase dishes. We believe that you don’t necessarily need to have five options on a Pad Thai from five different kitchens – you just need the best one that the city has to offer – that’s where we come in! In addition, with Deliverd you can order from multiple kitchens in one order. Oh and all of our dishes are delivered chilled, so they don’t arrive lukewarm – you heat them up following our chefs simple heating and plating instructions at the time that suits you best.

Who’s in your team and how did you all meet?

We’re a really small team of five full-timers, three of us (James, Holly and Jack) are Sheffield born and bred, but big boss, Paul is from Bury and our lead developer, Mohit is based in India. Paul and James met just over a year ago, they actually met online! At the time, Paul was frustrated with his state of health – his answer to ‘What’s for dinner?’ was always pizza or a greasy takeaway, he wanted a better solution that tasted great, was just as convenient but didn’t break the bank. As a self proclaimed tech geek, the booming disruption of the food industry by technology had caught his attention and sparked an idea. In another city, a chef called James had been searching for a new adventure within food. He recognised traditional food hospitality was an insecure and dated model which needed a lateral approach. James had been working freelance as a chef on European contracts when a message from Paul came through to one of his lingering online channels – it was an old website from a first foray into fusing food with tech, a crude idea that he’d written off after spending all his savings on and almost took offline only weeks before. The conversations began and the timing was right; Deliverd began in March 2015, in Sheffield on an EU funded accelerator course.

Where’s your favourite place in the Sheffield to eat, and what would you order?

That’s a tricky one, and I think it kinda depends on the mood the team’s in…for finger licking goodness it’s gotta be the Beef Burger and Fries at Urban Quarter, their hot chocolate donuts are amazing too. We do love a bit of ping-pong and traditional Napolitana pizza and arancini at the Picture House Social though and Urban Choola’s Samosas are to die for.


What’s been the best advice anyone has ever given you?

One of our mentors once quoted us Edison’s infamous line…’I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Remembering this means we don’t get too hung up on “mistakes” made along the way – they’re just part of the process and are kind of essential in order to help steer us in the right direction.

What are your plans for 2016?

We hope to continue to form more partnerships with the best chefs around the city. We know that the need for convenience food is greater than ever – and we believe that the local kitchens of a city should be the ones producing it rather than the big corporate mass production factories.

We’re also looking to expand into more Northern cities so that more people can enjoy the Deliverd service.

Is there anything else we need to know about Deliverd?

Yes! We’ve just welcomed Chef Rohan from restaurant Urban Choola to the Deliverd menu. This is really exciting. Chef Rohan is an extremely passionate chef who’s cooked his way across the world – from Goa to Florida and now serves the good folk of Sheffield with the most delicious Mumbai inspired street food dishes. Rohan has carefully crafted a take on an authentic Biryani which is traditionally cooked in a Biryani pot (almost like a tagine) – the meat, spices, sauce and rice are carefully layered one on top of the other. As the meat, spices and sauce gently cook, they steam the rice and flavour it. Don’t worry, Rohan hasn’t forgotten about all of you vegetarians, he’s created a Paneer Biryani too. Both Biryanis come with a side of raita and are topped with dehydrated onions. Both his Proper Biryani and Mini Thali of which have gone down an absolute storm, and he will soon be showcasing his Chicken Jalfrezi Noodle dish – an Indian/Chinese fusion dish that is really popular in Mumbai at the moment. As with all our dishes, Rohan’s dishes are just £4 and delivery is free.


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