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5 of the best first dates in Sheffield

The first date can often be a bit tricky.

Having a slightly unnatural obsession with trying to set our friends up, we realised the dating game can be tricky and what each of us finds attractive varies so much. With this guide we’re giving you a few options that will allow you to work your magic and win over the person of your dreams.

We all go through the same pre-date rituals; what if there are awkward silences; what should I wear and where shall we go. It’s all well and good looking dapper and having a silver tongue but, choosing a suitable place with just the right ambiance can be the trickiest of them all!

Below are a few ideas to give you a helping hand in making the right decision.

Tamper Coffee

Tamper is the city’s ultimate in New Zealand culture; offering a creative space to come together. We’d recommend Tamper Sellers Wheel as a place for an afternoon or Friday evening renedez-vous. There’s always a great atmosphere in Tamper with the bustle of business meetings, friends catching up and more successful dates can drown out the sound of any awkward silences. Large benches are juxtaposed against more intimate two seat tables, with the addition of the odd bench outside. It bypasses the typical imagining of an antiquated coffee shop with age old staff to match and is one of Sheffield’s most popular and loved venues for a reason.


Address: 149 Arundel Street, S1 2NU

The Milestone

The Milestone is the true definition of a hidden gem and the perfect way to show your date how you know all the cool places in Sheffield. It’s a melting pot of fine wine, cracking cheese, marvellous meats and charismatic cocktails. The main concept behind this Gastro-Bar involves a firm grounding in caring for nature and the use of materials and produce that respect the same values.

With an understanding of good food and education, the Milestone run a cookery school on everything from bread making and knife skills to cooking your own pig for that timeless classic, the Sunday roast. These events make the perfect date for the budding chef or for someone who just wants to try something a little different. And if cookery classes aren’t for you, they have a menu chocked full of tasty treats!


Address: 84 Green Lane at Ball Street, Kelham Island, S3 8SE
Offer: Early bird prices all day except Saturdays.


The Showroom

Dinner and a movie is hard to beat it for a first date! Once in through the door, you’re ushered into a creative realm, with staff welcoming you to get lost in a classical masterpiece, a voguish foreign film or even the latest sci-fi offering from Hollywood. With an eclectic assortment of films on offer, their world is your oyster.

For those daring souls we recommend the mid week Take Two offer! Two main courses, two new release cinema tickets and a bottle of wine – all for £33 (or £30 for members*) Bargain!


Address: 15 Paternoster Row, S1 2BX

The Climbing Works

Sheffield residents don’t often conform to the status quo. We like to take a risk and do something a little different from the norm and that’s why the Climbing Works makes for a great date. Unbeknownst to many Sheffield is a Mecca for rock climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. With easy access to the plentiful rock in the Peak climbers flock to the city to indulge in their hobby and be among a community of like minded puffer jacket wearing individuals.

But don’t worry you don’t have to be a pro or have ever done it before the Climbing Works provides an easy introduction to this extreme sport. With boulder problems for all abilities and welcoming coaches, visiting the centre is not an intimidating prospect at all.


Address: Unit B, Centenary Works, Little London Road, S8 0UJ
Offer: Half price Mini Works or Adult Induction (new members) and buy one get one free hot drinks (current members).


Picture House Social

The Picture House Social isn’t your average bar. It’s not easily spotted from the road and is hidden behind inconspicuous doors; encouraging patrons to fall bravely into the basement of the old Picture House. The PHS boasts a beer and cocktail selection that must be one of the most extensive in the city.

This isn’t the kind of place you just stumble on and that’s the beauty of it. You leave your inhibitions at the front door the second you walk in and you’ll be perplexed to find anywhere as romantic as this in the city. Go for the old fashioned, it’s a classic, and for a very good reason.

With ping-pong tables and an Italian canteen in the back you can work up an appetite before food and then enjoy an after dinner drink and a boogie in the front of house.


Address: 383 Abbeydale Road, S7 1FS
1. £2.50 pint of ale (Abbeydale Deception)
2. £1 off cocktails
3. 10% off house favourites
4. First half hour of ping pong free.
All offers Sun-Thurs



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