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21 Things You Need To Know Before Dating Yorkshire Folk

Yorkshire Folk – WE’RE A LOVEABLE BUNCH.

Every city has their quirks – and Sheffield is no exception. From our linguistic oddities and humour to our love of proper gravy and Hendos, our excellent music taste and our intolerance for yorkshire puds from a packet. Here are 21 things you should know before dating someone from Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Tea or Tetley? Do you really have to ask?

Optimus agrees there is only one right answer! Photo by @dr_mcfisto_

Optimus agrees there is only one right answer! Photo by @dr_mcfisto_

And lets not even start the “bap”, “bun”, “roll”, “barm” or “cob” debate. It never ends well.

Photo by @forgebakehouse

Photo by @forgebakehouse

It’s the White Rose round here. Mention the Red Rose and this romance is over before it even began.

Illustration by @pjeillustration

Illustration by @pjeillustration

We’ll start any announcement with “reyt”

Photo by @laurenvictoriac

Photo by @laurenvictoriac

Our day go as follows:
Dinner (not ‘lunch’)
Tea (not ‘dinner’).


You can never have have too many Yorkshires.


Photo by @gastropuds

And there are only two sauces that matter: Gravy & Hendos.

Photo by @rebekahliora

Photo by @rebekahliora

Anything below Sheffield is “The South”.


We’ll take any excuse for a knees up.


And the faintest whisper of “nah then mardy bum…” gets us all going.

But most importantly, we’re the nicest folk you’ll ever meet…

Photo by Adam Kay

Sheffield legend John Burkill. Photo by Adam Kay

… with the friendliest accent you’ll ever hear.


So meeting our family is a big deal…


…especially our Nan!


We’re really just big romantics.

The story of this bridge is one of the most heartbreaking tales ever told.

Photo by Urban Splash

Photo by Urban Splash

Who are very proud of our musical heritage,

Photo by Dean Chalkley

Photo by Dean Chalkley

who know how to throw a decent shape on the dance floor.


We don’t all wear flat caps and wellies as general attire.

Photo by @eroicabritannia

Photo by @eroicabritannia

But the slightest hint of sun and it’s t-shirt and shorts weather.


And we’re not as tight with our money as the stereotype suggests, but we do love a bargain.

Photo by @thriftystoresheffield

Photo by @thriftystoresheffield

And if, after all that, you don’t love us (your problem, not ours) you’ll definitely fall in love with God’s Own Country.

Photo by @es_kwon

Photo by @es_kwon

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Featured photo by Gary Wolstenholme


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