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To us Sheffield has always BEAN (Pun intended!) community focussed, overtly friendly, supported healthy living (pie and hendos is healthy right?!) and most importantly proud to support our locals.

Welcome to Beanies, the quirky shop making consuming your five/ten/fifteen a day a bit more fun and exciting.

It’s no surprise that supermarkets have managed to reduce the cost of living for modern families but at what cost? The more we consume unethically, the more that is going to be produced. To many living in an ethical way is a relatively new concept but Beanies have been promoting these principles for over 30 years. So let’s take it right back to where it all began, Hillsborough in the 80’s. A time when social values and community spirit were phrases that had many running for the hills but in Sheffield it drew us closer together. But don’t worry we’re not going to get into politics, we’re just setting the scene! After a couple of years of selling fruit, veg & wholefoods to the Hillsborough community, Beanies moved slightly up the hill to the Crookes Valley. This is where they expanded their range and their legendary “Box Scheme” was formed. At the time this was seen as an exciting new way of supporting the growing organic movement.

Their box scheme is perfect for the modern day professional or those who simply don’t have the time to get to the shops. They offer a huge range of options that means your daily intake of fresh organic fruit and veg doesn’t have to suffer due to the daily grind. And where do all these fresh treats come from I hear you ask? Well as a company their aim is to reduce their carbon footprint as low as possible so they keep it as local as they can, which in turn keeps it as fresh as it possibly can be.

Beanies are committed to the cause, putting ethics before profit and independents before mass production. Their shelves are stacked with locally produced & ethically minded brands to ensure that the world doesn’t have to suffer for production or profit. It’s also one of the few workers co-ops left in Sheffield that really reiterates their message of community and solidarity. We feel this is one of the many reasons why the good people of Sheffield keep coming back time and time again. So if you haven’t been pop in and say hello or show them your support by giving them a like on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter or visit their website.


New customers signing up to the organic box scheme – get your 4th box free and a free Beanies tea towel designed by one of our customer’s children.
Existing customers – introduce a friend and they get their 4th box free and you get a free box once they have had their 4th box. And a free Beanies tea towel!


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