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Alyssum Cafe Bistro

Sheffield has a thriving Greek and Cypriot community and Alyssum Cafe & Bistro offers them a taste of home. Located in Crookesmoor, Alyssum is one of the friendliest spots you’ll find in Sheffield. You’re more than a customer when you walk in through the doors, you’re a member of their family.

This independent eatery, situated on Barber Road, is the perfect place to meet up and spend whole mornings or afternoons feasting on their delicious brunch menu, or pancake stacked chocolate cake with a side of scrumptious coffee. What’s not to be happy about?


So what’s in the name you might be asking…well a quick Google will reveal that in Greek it stands for “curing madness” but in fact the name comes from a paradise in Alexa’s brothers novel titled “A Raven’s Lance”. We haven’t read the novel but we’d want to live in this paradise if it’s anything like Alyssum’s. The interior is the definition of quaint, with mismatched wooden furniture, a wall of mirrors and fairy lights to set the mood.


Arriving late is somewhat fashionable these days and despite it driving us crazy, it’s not all bad as this is how brunch was born. Brunch is a serious business over at Alyssum, with smashed avocado, grilled halloumi and poached eggs on toast being just one of the highlights. It’s got to be said though, that our favourite part of their menu is their ever changing,  ever jaw dropping cake selection. I mean just look at them. Some are sweet, some are savoury but all are bound to make you moan out loud.


At just one year old, Alyssum already feels like an old favourite amongst locals, cementing itself into the independent scene. Each day new people are discovering it, telling their friends how great it is and returning as often as possible in an attempt to cross every dish off the menu. If you want even more reason to visit just check out their Instagram page for all sorts of mouth-watering delights, it won’t take you long to realise that Alexa studied photography in a previous life. And cardholders get 10% off the bill when you spend over £10, so make sure to pay them a visit. But in the meantime, give them a like on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.


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