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Whilst much attention is paid to likes of Division Street, London Road and Sharrow Vale with their oozing Independent vibe, Arundel Gate has quietly gone through a renaissance over the last few years. But one constant over the last decade is the much loved Silversmiths.

Arundel is buzzing at the minute, and nestled in amongst Hallam and old factories is Silversmiths, a multi-award winning restaurant. It’s the shining star on this historic area, a testament to the perfectly prepared Yorkshire grub accompanied by good old Yorkshire hospitality. And one overarching feeling that we love about Silversmiths is that every plate of food you eat, the chances are you’re giving a local butcher, a local farmer or a fishmonger a reason to get up in the morning, which makes every time there that little bit more special.


Upon first stepping into Silversmiths you walk in the door you are instantly welcomed into their warm and relaxed atmosphere, you feel at home and one of the family. Their interior is like nowhere else you’ve been in the city. A long passage with intimate tables illuminated by candle light. A simple yet beautiful reminder that romance does still exist, and it turns out it was just hiding out here. One thing you might not know is they’re now open for business at lunchtimes offering up breakfast patisseries, cakes, lunch plates and the much loved Sunday roast.


You might be tricked into thinking that paying your compliments to the chef is only for Hollywood blockbusters but you’ll find yourself calling out Chef Lee to your table and personally thanking him. They change their menu seasonally depending on what is fresh and how they feel they could improve the dishes which is fine by us as it gives us the excuse to return as many times as possible and always be surprised. In a good way, of course.


Silversmiths is much more than the just great food, we must pay homage to the experience as a whole. Cardholders will be happy to know you get buy one get one free on Monday’s from the a la carte menu***! So why not give them a follow on social media and show them some Yorkshire loving.

***OFFER DETAILS*** BOGOF on Monday’s from the a la carte menu (main courses only). Excluding the butchers block and not on any event day (i.e. vegan night which is the last Monday of every month)


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