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Italia Uno

The first Italian takeaway at Bannercross on Ecclesall Road is officially open; Italia Uno is the brainchild of father and daughter team, Kym and Saverio, who have been working hard since January to transform the old kebab house into an exciting new Italian takeaway and coffee house.

Saverio was born in Sorrento, a small town near to the home of pizza, Naples. Most Italians I have met seem to be born with a fiery passion for the food of their area, quite simply, there is no better than a home cooked meal by your Mama! Kym is born and bread Sheffield and has a passion for the place, she wants to provide great, authentic food to the city that she loves and her enthusiasm for life, business and of course food is infectious!


Kym and Saverio, have a long history of working together, going back as far as Dino’s on London Road in the 90s and more recently at Italian Express in Walkley.

On the menu there is a range of authentic southern Italian dishes, including traditional pasta and pizza as well as steaks, chicken, fish and delicious salads. But, Italia Uno is not your average takeaway. Kym and Saverio have been working hard on developing new additions to their menu with a range of delicious options to cater for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diners, plus dishes with less than 500 calories.


The team at Italia Uno are hoping to start a new trend in takeaway food.

Kym, a vegetarian herself says, “Takeaway food doesn’t have to be bad for you. All our ingredients are fresh and each dish is prepared at point of order. Saverio insists on preparing everything from scratch.” Italian Takeaway?! So you’re thinking greasy, over cheesed pizzas, masquerading behind the word Italian! Well you’d be wrong, this is restaurant quality, authentic Italian dishes delivered to the comfort of your own home. They are so passionate about the quality of their food that they won’t deliver further than a 4-mile radius of the shop in case the food is spoiled.

Choc Cake

This is proper Italian cooking brought to Sheffield; takeaways like these are commonplace in Italy but seem not to have caught on in the UK quite yet. After a hard day at work what better way to relax that crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy some really good, authentic food in the comfort of your own home!

Talking to Kym the other day she was listing dishes I had never heard of, this is not just good pizza and pasta but real Italian dishes that are passed down through the generations and served daily in the homes around Sorrento.

So when you next finish work and don’t fancy cooking why not try something a little different, I am sure won’t be disappointed by this culinary taste sensation!


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