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When we first heard about the bar and restaurant Bloo88, we were mystified by the name and its significance to the venue. Is it situated at 88 West Street? No! Is it painted blue outside? No! Then what could it be?!


After a little research we came up with a few possible solutions… it could be from the movie Back to the Future, with 88mph being the speed that the DeLorean must reach in order to travel back in time. Or maybe it is from Chinese culture, with the number 88 symbolises good luck and fortune? Surely that must be it! But no! It truly is a closely guarded secret that is kept between the three friends and owners.

Situated in the old Hallamshire hotel, this pizza and cocktail bar is something not to be missed. With people flocking by the hundred down West Street, either on their daily commute or for a night on the town, it would be a crime not to pay them a visit for an after work social.


With its prime central location coupled with the owners’ passion for the Sheffield party scene, Bloo88 events are one for every social calendar. When talking with manager Josh we struggled to keep up with their comprehensive events list. To name just a few, they run weekly cocktail master classes, salsa nights and regularly host stag/hen dos.


Last, but by no means least, we arrive at the heart and soul of Bloo88: stone bakes pizzas and revolutionary cocktails. If, like us, you’re bored of the predictable pizza you get from the high street multiples, then step out of your comfort zone and give Bloo88 a try! Although their menu is vast, tasty-looking and comprehensive, we personally recommend asking their welcoming staff what they recommend and, who knows, you may have found your new favourite pizza. We certainly did! And what better way to top off a fine pizza than with one of their personalised cocktails. You’ll be sure to find all the classics but with a little twist; each member of staff has added their own personal spin on many of your much-loved favourites. We didn’t think it was possible to improve on an old faithful Amaretto Sour but, you guessed it, we have fallen in love with their version…..the Godfather Sour.


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